Landlord Insurance

If you own an investment property, you should consider Landlords insurance. Landlords insurance can protect you in the event that your property is damaged by an insured event or your tenant damages your property, rent default, theft by your tenant and your legal liability as owner of the property. 

Who is it for?

Any landlord should consider taking out Landlords insurance, whether their property is used for long term leases, short term holiday rentals or holiday homes such as Airbnb and Stayz properties.  

What does it cover?

Landlord insurance policies vary however they can cover: 

  • Loss or damage by fire, storm, burst pipes, malicious damage and other insured events
  • Tenant damage: loss or damage inflicted by tenants or their guests
  • Landlord’s contents: carpets, curtains, washing machines and ovens
  • Loss of rent
  • Legal Liability cover: claims by third parties for injury or loss of life or property

What doesn’t it cover?

There are some Exclusions where cover is not provided and in addition, there is often a deductible/excess. Limits and Conditions also apply. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.


Landlord Insurance Brochure