Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption insurance can help cover your ongoing costs in the event that your insured property suffers loss or damage covered by the policy. 

Who is it for?

Most businesses have ongoing expenses that don’t stop if the business stops or is disrupted and isn’t generating revenue; things like wages, rent and supplier charges. This is where Business Interruption insurance is vital. In the event of a crisis, you can protect your cashflow and keep up with bills to prevent your business from shutting down permanently.

What does it cover?

If your business is suddenly unable to open, Business Interruption insurance can cover the loss of sales you would have otherwise made. It can also cover additional costs you may incur to keep your doors open. It can also include:

  • Continuous operating expenses: electricity and rent
  • Relocation costs: the cost of moving and operating from a temporary location
  • Training costs: the cost to train your staff in the operation of new machinery
  • Supplier premises damage: damage to your supplier’s premises which impacts your business operations

What doesn’t it cover?

There are some Exclusions where cover is not provided and in addition, there is often a deductible/excess. Limits and Conditions also apply. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.


Business Interruption Brochure